About Me

A little bit about me…

I am an Illustrator, with a passion for picture books, and the art of animation.  I spend a lot of my time continuing to grow as an artist, by practicing fundamentals, painting, drawing and listening to podcasts and of course reading, lots of reading.

Some of my favorite books include The Art of… books, some day I hope to create something or be a part of a project that will  captivate and inspire the way some artists I admire have  inspired me.

On a non-art related note, being from the Philadelphia area, I am a huge Philly Sports fan, love supporting our teams by watching, attending games and crying (any Philadelphia fan will understand why).  Another one of my passions is food, I love cooking, and especially eating. Being from Mexico I grew up with some of the most delicious food, and being in the restaurant business for 12+ years, I can’t help but love it.